Know an older person who needs help getting online?


Silver Surfers’ Day – Friday, 21 May 2010 – is your chance to pass on your skills or just encourage someone you know to attend an event that could be the beginning of an incredible journey into online life.

Silver Surfers’ Day is a brilliant little gem of an idea that’s been going for the last nine years.

Here’s the way it works:

Those of us who already know something about computers and the internet – whether a little or a lot or something in between – can pass on our knowledge to someone who hasn’t yet tackled them.

Those of us who aren’t confident enough to do any teaching, or just don’t fancy it, can quite simply look up a website and encourage a friend, colleague, family member or neighbour to go to Cricklade Leisure Centre for a quick session on the internet, to give them a ‘taster’ and see if it’s for them.

Cricklade Leisure Centre is a recognised Uk Online Centre. Thurdsay Mornings from 11.oo a.m is the time for general tuition.

Why silver surfers?

Well, the vast majority – something like 10 million – of the 12.5 million adults in the UK who haven’t yet bonded with the internet are over the age of 50. And the vast majority of these are over 65. So there’s an excellent chance that you know a silvery-haired someone who might benefit hugely from all the ease and information that life online can bring, if only they knew how rewarding it is to get involved


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