Martha Lane Fox plan to get all Britons online

Martha Lane Fox plan to get all Britons online

Seven million jobs were advertised online in 2009, claims the manifesto. UK digital champion Martha Lane Fox has announced plans to get everybody of working age in Britain online by the end of the current Parliament.

There are currently 10 million Britons who are not on the net, she claims.

She also says no-one should reach retirement age without gaining experience of using the web.

Ms Lane Fox will present her manifesto, Networked Nation, at Downing Street later. Prime Minister David Cameron has already praised her goals.

“In the internet age, we need to ensure that people aren’t being left behind as more and more services and business move online,” he said.

“Promoting digital inclusion is essential for a dynamic modern economy and can help to make government more efficient and effective.”

Ms Lane Fox said the government, businesses and charities needed to work together to “deliver positive social change” by getting more people using the internet.

“By getting more people online, everybody wins,” she said.

She called for the government to install “digital champions” in every local authority, public library and Jobcentre Plus office by the end of 2010.

Her website, Race Online , is asking for people already online to sign up to volunteer, donate money or equipment, take part in organising events or contribute their own ideas about how to get others connected.

It is a challenge for people and organisations in every corner of our country to inspire, encourage and support as many new people as possible to get online by the end of the Olympic year. I would like to see everyone who is looking for work online, as well as everyone who is about to retire. This ambition would create real social change.

Research shows that if everyone was online, total benefits will be in excess of £22billion with households saving on average £560 a year.

Those of us who already know something about computers and the internet – whether a little or a lot or something in between – can pass on our knowledge to someone who hasn’t yet tackled them.

Those of us who aren’t confident enough to do any teaching, or just don’t fancy it, can quite simply look up a website and encourage a friend, colleague, family member or neighbour to go to Cricklade Leisure Centre for a quick session on the internet, to give them a ‘taster’ and see if it’s for them.

Cricklade Leisure Centre  at Stones Lane, Cricklade, Nr Swindon is a recognised Uk Online Centre.  Thurdsay Mornings from 11.oo a.m is the time for general tuition. Please telephone 01793 750011 to confim appointment.


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