The Cricklade Business Association is launching an appeal to raise money to ensure that Cricklade is lit up this Christmas.


Over the last few years the lights belonging to the Business Association have deteriorated and they are now beyond reasonable repair. The CBA have been talking to the Town Council who have also been reviewing there own festive lighting. It is time for a change.

The town can be lit, reducing the workload and the annual installation cost. The plan is to fit lamp posts with permanent sockets so the lights can be just plugged in. This will reduce the installation costs by over £1,000 a year. we want to replace the existing worn out lighting with modern low energy fittings using a fraction of the electricity. It is estimated to cost around £5,000 to purchase and install, but over three years will recover all costs. The Council probably has around £1,00 for the annual installation, subject to approval. The Business Association has agreed to put up £1,000.

There is one Month to Raise £3,000- estimate about £2 per House. 

Donations to: Cricklade Business Association marked Christmas Lights. 

Come on Cricklade, Light the Town, you can do it.

Bob Jones, Chairman CBA, 18 REEDS, Cricklade (07973 863702). All donations will be acknowledged.


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