Cricklade Jenner Hall Save It Club December Draw Results:


The Save It Club is a regular, monthly way of donating to this important heritage community building. It provides a vital steady source of income for ongoing repairs of the hall keeping it open whilst major fundraising for the Repair & Refurbishment Project is taking place. Subscribers will be encouraged to pay a year’s subscription of £12 by Standing Order.       

Winners will be drawn each month.
First prize of 30% of total monthly subscriptions.
Second prize of 20% of total monthly subscriptions.
Jenner Hall Repair & Refurbishment Fund 50% of total monthly subscriptions

A draw was made on the 22th.December 2010 and the lucky winners were:

            First Prize          Mrs Chris Michell       £51.90

          Second Prize      Mrs Clair Hoad            £34.60 

                                     Jenner Hall Funds           £86.50

Previous Monthly Draws can be found Here.      

 Many thanks for your participation.       

Download  an additional Application  forms  here for new members       
The Subscription for the “Save It Club” is only £12 per year.
Please contact Paul Marley Tel: 01793 752 851
or Collect a form from Bailey’s News, C&R Grocers or Animal Fayre 

The Trustees thank you for your support.          


can be found here


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