2011 Census England and Wales on 27th March 2011

Census day is 27 March 2011. You will need to complete your questionnaire on or around this date so that a snapshot of the population as it stands on one day to give a consistent picture for the whole country.

Government and local authorities depend on the information to help make sure you get the services you need in your community. And that means asking questions of a lot of people. Everyone should to take part in helping tomorrow take shape. This is a chance to make a difference.
The answers you give should be about the people living or staying with you on that day, even if you fill in your questionnaire before, on, or after 27 March 2011. You need to complete it online, or fill in the paper questionnaire and send it back as soon as you have completed it.

Visit the Census 2011 website at 2011 Census England and Wales online home.


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