Wiltshire Council Dog control orders consultation survey. Resonses which can be completed online.


Dog control orders consultationResponses should be sent by 7 February 2011

See website Dog control orders consultation | Wiltshire Council.

This report is intended to support consultation with Area Boards, Parish and Town Councils and other stakeholders.


It is intended to replace various existing controls on dogs, made by predecessor authorities with a comprehensive and consistent set of Dog Control Orders. Dog Control Orders can be made by either District or Unitary Authorities (Primary authorities) or by Parish or Town Councils (secondary authorities)
Orders can be made regarding any land to which the public have a right of access:
  1. Requiring the person in control to clean up after a dog has fouled;
  2. Prohibiting Access by dogs;
  3. Requiring dogs to be kept on leads;
  4. Requiring dogs to be put on a lead when required by an authorised officer of the Council.
  5. Restricting the number of dogs that can be in the control of one person on certain land.
In exercising its powers, the Authority is required to adopt a fair balance between the needs and aspirations of dog owners and non-dog owners. It is also essential that any orders should be capable of being enforced within reasonable resources.
These orders do not supersede national legislation on, for example, dangerous dogs.


Any person not complying with a Dog Control Order may be prosecuted for the offence. An authorised Officer may, instead of a prosecution, issue a Fixed Penalty Notice. The amount can be set locally between £50 – £80 with a default level of £75. It is proposed that the default level should be adopted for offences under these Dog Control Orders
Current Orders have been largely self-policed. There are very limited resources to carry out enforcement. Discussions are taking place with the police to utilise the powers that can be granted to Police Community Support Officers.
Secondary Authorities can also authorise employees (but not Councillors) to issue fixed penalty notices, subject to attending an approved training course.

Existing Orders

Dog Fouling Control Orders exist for three of the four former District areas, but not for the former Salisbury District Council, though Orders made are not entirely consistent.
In Salisbury, some land is designated under the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act, which has a similar effect to a Dog Fouling Control Order, though the penalty is less. In addition:
Dog Exclusion Areas Orders exist in the former West Wiltshire area covering:
  • all enclosed children’s play areas;
  • The Centenary Field, Bulkington (requested by the Parish Council)
A Dog Exclusion Areas Order exists in the former North Wiltshire area covering:
  • The White Lion Park, Malmesbury (requested by the Town Council)
A Dogs on Lead order exist in the former North Wiltshire area covering:
  • The Recreation Ground, Box (requested by Box PC)


It is intended to replace all existing Orders with one consistent set. The proposals are summarised in the table below:

Order Proposal Comments
Dog fouling Make generic county wide order Aim to cover most land
Dog exclusion Make generic county wide order Enclosed Children’s play areas only plus land covered by existing orders
Dogs on lead No generic order Confirm existing order, discourage further use
Dogs on lead on request of authorised officer No generic order Discourage use
Maximum number of dogs in control of one person No generic order Discourage use


There is a formal consultation process that must be undertaken as part of the process of bringing in new Orders. This informal consultation is intended to ensure that proposals put out for formal consultation have wide support to avoid the need to repeat the consultation process.

You can complete the consultation survey online

Responses should be sent by 7 February 2011

If consultees do not have access to the internet, paper copies can be obtained from:

Contact Details

Telephone: 01225 776655
Postal Address:
Pest Control and Dog Warden Service Manager
Wiltshire Council
Bradley Road,
BA14 0RD

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