Malmesbury and Cricklade policing teams to be amalgamated.

Wiltshire Police

NEIGHBOURHOOD policing teams in Wiltshire are to be amalgamated next month.It means the rural and town beats in Malmesbury and Cricklade will be brought into line with the Wiltshire Council area board boundaries.
Wiltshire Police say the move is aimed at reducing bureaucracy and enabling officers to spend more time out and about on the beat.
Sgt Martin Alvis said residents were not likely to see a reduction in service. “We operate very much as a big team anyway and if there is something affecting one area we all go in and help.”
There are currently 76 teams in the county, including 21 in Swindon. The changes will see them reduced to seven in Swindon, matching the borough council’s cluster areas, and 20 in the rest of the county.
It will mean fewer meetings to set priorities because boundaries will not overlap.
“Despite the fact that the number of NPTs will be reduced, this does not mean a reduction in officers. Staff numbers will be maintained and each NPT in the new system will benefit from being led by a Police Sergeant,” explained Insp Nick Bancroft,


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