Wootton Bassett Shadow Community Operations Board – Held first meeting 24/05/2011

Wootton Bassett Shadow Community Operations Board
The Wootton Bassett Shadow Community Operations Board (Shadow COB) held its first meeting on Tuesday May 24.

The Shadow COB was formed by the area board and has a key role in leading the consultation on the campus proposal for Wootton Bassett and the surrounding area. The Shadow COB consists of area board and town/parish council representatives and members of the public to ensure it can act on behalf of and to represent the local community.
Community campuses will be developed through input from local people to ensure each campus is as individual as the community it serves. What a campus will look like, what services will be provided, or where it will go, will be community- led and subject to extensive consultation with local people and partners. The aim is to make maximum and efficient use of the council’s buildings – both new and existing – and create campuses that deliver more for local communities.
At its initial meeting, the Shadow COB discussed its key role in consulting with local people in the Wootton Bassett area over the coming weeks and months. The area board will then consider the initial campus proposal. If it is approved it will be submitted for consideration by Wiltshire Council’s Cabinet in late 2011. The indicative completion date for the Wootton Bassett campus proposal is Autumn 2012.
Members of the Shadow COB visited the Lime Kiln Leisure Centre as part of their initial meeting in order to understand the existing facilities on the site and the fire damage to the pool, plant area and health suite. The Shadow COB highlighted that the users of the pool, as well as the school, are  essential stakeholders in the Wootton Bassett campus proposal, and it is vital the interests of these groups are key to any campus proposal. The Shadow COB therefore has indicated that developing a proposal that incorporates the facilities at Lime Kiln Leisure Centre was an option that should be progressed, while considering other options.
Local community involvement is critical to the success of campuses because it is important to make sure they reflect the needs of these communities.
The Shadow COB will be contacting members of the Wootton Bassett local community over the coming weeks to gather their views on the campus proposal.
The Cricklade Shadow Community Operations Board is due to hold its first meeting on the May 26, and will consider the work they will look to undertake to deliver a Cricklade campus proposal by early 2013.
Creating a campus offers a real opportunity for communities to directly influence the services in their community area, and to plan for the future. Anyone wanting to know more should attend their local area board meetings, or contact:



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