SAX, TRUMPET, KEYBOARD PLAYERS Etc. (Cricklade North Wiltshire, Wiltshire) – Musicians Wanted :

Busy Brass band looking to get into even more musical styles, Why not try playing in an unusual Brass Band? we are 30 + people of all ages,{ school to really old ], play a lively mix of music from jazz to lady Gaga & Queen! So why not widen your musical experience with us, even learn a new instrument? No more setting up, [ crew to do that,] no more trying to get gigs, we have to turn events down, too busy. Check us out at, or come on a spying mission Monday or Thursday nights The Club [ cheap beer, great! ] High St. Cricklade. Only down side if you get in there is a uniform to wear no more ripped jeans, but it’s not that bad and it’s even free to! You can keep the crazy hair style and metal bits no problem. Had people from heavy metal bands before anyway,see you there then.


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