St. Sampson’s Infant and Junior Amalgamation – is this the best way forward for our children’s education? – Letter to the Editor

Concerned Parents of St Sampson’s Infant School have been circulated with this LEAFLET as they wish to understand the decision of the Governors.

The leaflet has been sent to the Bugle for publication as this item concerns everyone,
They request that you read this document

“The Governors have a responsibility to communicate and justify their decision-making process – in order to achieve this it is vital that individuals request an open meeting by contacting Sue Blundell via letter or Email to  .”

What you can do next?
Want more information? Contact Christopher Neville-Jones or 01793 752952 .
Contact Sue Blundell to request an open meeting with the Governors.

Cllr. Peter Colmer confirmed that as per the original Wiltshire Council consultation document that the decision to amalgamate was solely in the hands of the respective governors and that:
If the decision is to amalgamate the two schools then a statutory notice will be published and another period of six working weeks will follow during which time any further representations on the proposal can be sent in writing to the governors and the Local Authority. Once again, your views will be carefully considered. A final decision will then be made by the Cabinet of Wiltshire Council.
The original consultation document can be found HERE
The 60 page consultation report is available from Wiltshire Council .

Cllr Peter Colmer,Wiltshire Councillor, Cricklade, Latton & Marston Meysey
Tel;01793-750245 (home), 07720-387708(mobile)
you can follow Peter Colmer on TWITTER  HERE. at!/CllrPeterColmer


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