Cricklade Campus Update – November 2011- Presentation to SCOB by Cllr. Ruth Szybiak

The “Campus” is just a way of describing the buildings where Leisure/Social, Local Government and Community Services and Space will be provided for the long term in the Cricklade Area along with an idea of sharing resources so that the right services can be available more of the time in good and convenient facilities. 
First round of consultation is complete and results were communicated at the Wiltshire Council Area Board, on 12th October.  The Area Board agreed that we can move on to a more detailed round of consultation.

This is a presentation given by Ruth Szybiak, chair for the Shadow community operations board to the Wootton Bassett & Cricklade area board. It is an update from the SCOB and gives loads of great information about what they have done so far.

The Proposal is that Cricklade has a split site Campus including the Leisure Centre and EITHER the existing Ockwells buildings (the current Cricklade Town Council Offices and Library) or Police Station building on the High Street.
The majority of responses were in favour of providing the services in a Campus type set up.  The proposal to have a split site Campus, with one of the building being near the High Street, was driven by community feedback and preference. There was strong support for availability of Internet, Flexible Space for use by a variety of groups, access to Local Government services, Cafe, Library, Youth and Children’s facilities along with Leisure and Sports provision.
This initial proposal was based on the questionnaires that were sent out by the Shadow Community Operation Board (SCOB)  and completed by local residents in August/September.  The SCOB is a group of local people who have been asked to work on a proposal for the future of local service provision for Cricklade and surrounding areas.
What we need to be sure of is:

Does the campus proposal for services needed in the Cricklade area (outlined above) represent your views and requirements correctly?
Does the proposal for a split site Campus with one building near the High Street and the existing Leisure Centre site meet the needs and views of the Cricklade Community?

The next stage is to get the above questions answered and make sure we really understand this service requirement in Cricklade, also to get some feedback on where and when the services should be available so that work can be done to plan the space in buildings.  This can’t be done without some real input from the Cricklade community – that’s all of us!  Give your responses to the questions above or your views on services within Cricklade by attending an Open Meeting, writing to the SCOB or emailing (details below)
There will be two open meetings where more information will be available and a chance to express your views, meet some of the group (Shadow Operations Board – SCOB) who are representing the Cricklade Community in this process, and by giving your input to help in planning the next stage which will be looking at the detail of facilities and services.
The two Open Session Meetings are:
7th December – 2pm – 7.30pm  Leisure Centre
8th December – 2pm – 7.30pm  Cricklade Town Council Offices

Drop in to ask any questions or to find out more information.

Peter Colmer
Wiltshire Councillor,
Cricklade, Latton & Marston Meysey.
Tel;01793-750245 (home), 07720-387708(mobile)

EMAIL: Peter or Ruth at
Feedback boxes in Cricklade Town Council Offices/Leisure Centre (bar area)
Or write to Cricklade Shadow Community Operations Board, Campus and Operational Delivery Models Team, Wiltshire Council, Council Offices, Bythesea Road, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 8JN

More information go to


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