CRICKLADE’s TOWN PLAN – Consultation Document and Questionaire – Responses by 26th. March 2012

The TOWN PLAN STEERING group was formed following an open invitation in October. About dozen members of the community have been preparing a draft CRICKLADE TOWN PLAN which is available for consultation and to receive views and comments on, by the community of Cricklade . Paper Copies of the Draft Plan are available at the Town Council Office or Leisure Centre.Every Individual Local Resident, representatives of local business and other organisations are invited to respond or complete the questionnaire to the Cricklade Town Council Office / Leisure Centre or online via the Town Council website HERE………….

Responses are required by 26th March 2012.

Cricklade Consultation Draft Town Plan

The results of this consultation and proposed amendments to the Town Plan will be presented at the Annual Town Meeting on 30th. April 2012

Your Town…        Your Future….. Your Responses will make a Difference


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