The Cricklade Jubilee Mosaic was unveiled on 31st May 2012 as a lasting legacy for future generations – video reports.


The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee was celebrated at the Saxon’s Rest, the Community Garden close to the High Street, Cricklade

The programme of the unveiling ceremony was as follows: To see the video record …….


Music played by the  Cricklade Band

and Singing by Sing 4/4 Community Choir.



Cricklade Town Council

Court Leet  Crier announced the Chairman of Cricklade Town Council.

The Unveiling of the Mosaic.



Raising of the “First Town on the Thames” Flag
Balloon release co-ordinated by the Royal British Legion.



Court Leet Crier announced the High Bailiff.
“The Proclamation.”.






National Anthem
Cheers for the Queen and Sunset played by Cricklade Silver Band.




Invitation for refreshments in Cricklade Town Council where the Court of the Hundred and Borough of Cricklade issued specially designed commemorative mugs to the children of Cricklade.

Development of “The Cricklade Jubilee Mosaic”

 Working with Debbie Stirling, a local artist from Cirencester, who was appointed by Cricklade Town council to design and Build the mosaic, the Cricklade Art Group were invited to submit designs. Ann Jelly, from the Cricklade Art Group designed the fritillaries incorporated in the mosaic, following a conversation with Anita Barratt from Cricklade Bloomers. Ann incorporated a bee into the design as they are essential for the survival of the flowers. The design incorporates the town motto – “In loco delicioso” (In a delightful place”) – and crest surrounded by fritillaries, for which Cricklade is famous, together with an element of Saxon artwork in the border, which was designed by Ed Muir, also a Cricklade Art Group member.

The mosaic, is made of coloured tiles and glass and is 12ft (3.7m) across which cost about £8,000 and has been paid for out of the budget for the community garden.
Acknowledgements to Cricklade Town Council, Court Leet , Bloomers for this information



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