Cricklade Manorial Court Lighting of the Jubilee Beacon at Saxon’s Rest, Cricklade.

The Manorial Court for the Hundred and Borough of Cricklade celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in the official lighting of the Cricklade Jubilee Beacon at Saxon’s Rest on Monday 4th June. A Beacon Ball was held in the Town Hall as part of the event with the Lord of the Manor, Mr Mike Neeld igniting  the Beacon at 10.15 pm.
To watch video.
Britain has a long history of beacon lightning spanning many hundreds of years. We have celebrated Royal Weddings, Jubilees and Coronations by lighting  beacons on village greens, castle battlements, church towers, farms, beaches, front gardens, car parks and mountain tops. A beacon chain, once used as tool for communication, has now become a symbol of unity across towns, borders, countries and continents and is often the central point of focus for any outdoor gathering or celebration. In 1897 beacons were lit nationally to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. In 1977 and 2002 beacons were lit to celebrate the Queen’s Silver and Golden Jubilees.
The Cricklade Jubilee Beacon was one of 4,200 (or more) beacons – the length and breadth of the United Kingdon, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, the Commonwealth and other countries around the world to mark this important and historic moment in the Queen’s Reign.
The first beacon was lit in Tonga, and the last by Her Majesty The Queen after a spectacular concert at Buckingham Palace.


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