Cllr. Peter Colmer raised significant issues regarding proposed increase of HGV Traffic Volume in the Cricklade Area at Wiltsure Council.

Cllr. Peter Colmer

An extraordinary meeting of the Wiltshire Council held at Devizes on Tuesday 26th. June at which the Wilshire Core Strategy and the Aggregate Mineral Site Allocation DPD were the main agenda items to be debated.
I, raised the significant issue allied to the Minerals policy of the impact of HGV’s in my Division and the adjoining division (Minety) as circa 80% of the future planned extraction would be from 5 sites in the locality which would significantly compound the current situation relating to the volume of HGV traffic and its impact on the towns and villages in the area.
I requested that a traffic management study be commissioned in advance of any future planning applications to the proposed sites being submitted for approval, so that a mitigation strategy was in place to minimise the impact to local residents that would be affected.
I also stressed the other factors that compound the traffic issues in the area , the Waste Management strategy and also the impact of significant proposed housing developments in West Swindon.
This way Wiltshire Council would be pro –actively seeking a solution to the problem rather than addressing the issue in essence after the event.
In response to my request, Councillor Dick Tonge –Cabinet member for Highways, stated that there were many HGV issues across the County but that he understood the position with regard to the Minerals policy in the Cricklade area and would investigate this. He also stated that any funding would have to come from Section 106 contributions attached to approved planning applications.

 Both strategies were adopted for submission to the Secretary of State for examination

Peter Colmer
Wiltshire Councillor,
Cricklade, Latton & Marston Meysey.
01793-750245 (Home) 07720-387708(Mobile)


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