Cricklade’s “Get Wiltshire Walking” group celebrates its 1st Anniversary at the Council Offices

On Friday the 21st September 2012 , the Cricklade Walking Group celebrated its first Anniversary.  A decorated cake was provided by Rosie Golding, Walks Co-ordinator for Wiltshire Council. Vice Chair of Cricklade Town Council , Cllr Gina Chapman shows it to the group. The cake to be cut after the walk with refreshments at the Cricklade United Church Hall.

Left to Right
Viv Tompkins, Pamela Debenham Volunteer Walk Leaders
Rosie Golding Walks Co-ordinator Wiltshire Council
Cllr. Gina Chapman, Vice Chair Cricklade Town Council
Rose Hodges, Volunteer Walk Leader

The morning’s walk like all planned walks take less than an hour with a relaxing social refreshments. This anniversary walk was special as it was new and is planned to be recorded as one of the published visitor trails as part of Cricklade Town Council

The group assembled, some sporting the Wilshire Walking Challenge Tee Shirts obtained from the Get Wiltshire Walking event at Laycock in the Summer.
On your Marks ! – Get set and go. Cllr Gina Chapman starts the 9.30am  morning walk and all enthusiastically walk off up the High Street. All walkers stride at their own pace with leaders in front and back, to look after them. No one has been lost yet!

The weather was cloudy and dry. In inclement weather alternative routs are chosen to avoid any tricky muddy fields or slippery areas.

On this walk a wooden style had to be crossed, but help is always on hand to assist. Any overgrown pathways obstructions  are reported so that it can be cleared. Walking is a great way to get active and stay motivated. Physical activity helps us feel happier and being in nature helps reduce stress.

Just after approximately  35 minutes walk the group returned to the United Church Hall for the cutting of the cake and liquid refreshments.
On this occasion a small raffle for a knitted Toy “Noddy” was started for a good cause.

Consider Joining the Group for Free, Fun active event. Make new friends and discover new places.
For more information click  sportsdev-get-wiltshire-walking
Everyone is welcome, providing you are independently mobile and able to meet the physical demands of the walk. It’s free and fun. All walks take about one hour. Just turn up at Cricklade Town Council Offices  on Friday at 9.30 am or contact the walk leader below. Unfortunately, dogs are not permitted on the walks.
Rosie Golding 07917 599964

Get Wiltshire Walking has been granted the Inspire Mark; the badge of the London 2012 Inspire Programme. This is the first time the Olympic and Paralympic Games Committee has sanctioned the use of a Games mark for non-commercial partners running projects to benefit local people and communities. Being part of the Inspire programme is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Seb Coe, Chair, London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games said: “The Inspire programme is ensuring the legacy of the 2012 Games starts now as projects like Get Wiltshire Walking are enabling people in Wiltshire to make positive life changes”


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