Cricklade Community Hub (Campus) – Update by Ruth Szybiak – Shadow Community Operations Board

The Cricklade SCOB (Shadow Community Operations Board, a group of local people set up by our Wiltshire Area Board) is pleased to announce that at the Wiltshire Council cabinet meeting of 23rd October 2012 a decision was taken to approve funding for the proposal of a split site Community Hub (Campus) in the existing, and much enhanced, leisure centre building and a High Street location.

The enhanced level of funding approved would allow for a choice of High Street location which will be dependent on conditions surrounding the buildings and more input from the local community and stakeholders.
The leisure centre building will undergo extensive upgrading and change to encompass wider and extended service provision. The High Street facility will receive investment to improve the flexibility and functionality of the building.
This decision will mean significant investment in the town to provide services for Cricklade and the surrounding area. There will be access to all council services at these local service centres.
Work will now commence on detailed designs and will include full consultations with the local community and stakeholders to ensure the facilities, once designs are complete, meet the needs of the community and have their support.
The outcome will be the provision of two local service centres, fit for purpose and open for use by all parts of the community providing services from Wiltshire/Cricklade Councils and associated partner organisations

For more information please visit webpage:
or email
Ruth Szybiak on behalf of
Cricklade SCOB
23rd October 2012


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