Wiltshire Council Update (The Year Ahead 2013 ) – Cllr. Peter Colmer, Cricklade, Latton & Marston Meysey

Planning Policy
Cricklade Shadow Community Operating Board – Vacancy

By:  Peter Colmer – Wiltshire Councillor,Cricklade, Latton
& Marston Meysey

The Year Ahead -2013
The significant event in 2013 from a council perspective will be the introduction of GP commissioning together with changes to responsibilities associated with Public Health. Wiltshire Council has already announced the change in organisational structures associated with the responsibility of Public Health being transferred from the NHS to that of Wiltshire Council. The Council will become responsible for health protection, health services and health improvement.
The generally held view is that changes associated with GP commissioning will be more problematic. As I serve on the Health & Adult Social Care Scrutiny Committee, a regional working party has been formulated to scrutinise the transition arrangements to ensure that residents needs do not suffer as a result of these complexed changes. I will be the representative for the north of the county which broadly aligns to the community areas (excluding Swindon) that Great Western Hospital serves. This will be a challenging task, but the working parties remit is to ensure that the changes that occur will be seamless.

Planning Policy
It is evident that the coalition government is determined to revive the economy by overriding local planning policies; this is evidenced by the recent Planning Inspectorate decision to allow 700 plus houses at Ridgeway Farm. This decision is despite both Wiltshire Council and Swindon Borough Council being in unison in fighting against the proposal. Unfortunately, there are other planning applications and appeals in the pipeline that I believe may suffer the same fate. I will continue to use every avenue possible to oppose such applications which are not in the best interests of the community and to maintain the ‘buffer’ between the north of the county and Swindon.

Cricklade Shadow Community Operating Board – Vacancy
The Shadow Community Operations Board (Shadow COB) is a group of community representatives, determined by and working under the auspices of the Area Board, who will influence, recommend and consider the detail of the emerging Community Hub(s) facilities both in terms of how they are designed and how they will operate on a day to day basis.
The Cricklade Shadow COB currently has a vacancy for a representative of user and community groups in the Cricklade area. This is your chance to be involved in the project so please apply if you feel you can represent the interest user and community groups in the Cricklade area. The closing date for expressing an interest in the user and community representative for the Cricklade Shadow COB is Thursday 14th February 2013.
If you would like to put yourself forward to represent your community then please download and complete the form below/linked here http://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/CrickladeCommunityCampus and return to the address given on the form. If you have any questions please email CampusConsultation@wiltshire.gov.uk or telephone 01225 718350.

Cllr. Peter Colmer

Please contact me on my e-mail address, which is Peter.Colmer@wiltshire.gov.uk or by telephone 01793-750245 (home) 07720-387708 (mobile).
Peter Colmer – Wiltshire Councillor, Cricklade, Latton & Marston Meysey


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