Cricklade Museum – Celebration Display of Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation 1953 – Opens May 4th. 2013 until September.

K.Canute-Silver-Penny01.jpgThe Cricklade Historical Society is opening a new exhibition celebrating the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth the Second on June 2nd. 1953. The exhibition contains contributions from residents and members and will be open to everyone on Saturday May 4th. at 10.00 am. The Display will be run till September.
The website is
It will be an opportunity to see the improvements made to the Museum.
To view a documentary of the ceremony

Published on 1 Jun 2012 – Documentary about the greatest public ceremony of the twentieth century. As well as recounting the events of Coronation Day, 2nd June 1953, this programme focuses on the months of meticulous planning beforehand. What took place behind the scenes is told using diaries, letters, official records and government papers, together with much rare, evocative archive. There are interviews with historians and experts on royal ceremonial as well as participants in the ceremony.
The Coronation was an immense challenge – the views of forceful personalities from die-hard traditionalists to forward-thinking innovators had to be reconciled, the movements of thousands had to be marshalled like clockwork, and the BBC had to mount its most ambitious television outside broadcast to date in the teeth of prime minister Winston Churchill’s opposition.
At the centre of it all was the 27-year-old Queen, bearing an immense responsibility while remaining apparently calm and unperturbed throughout.
This is a story of precision planning, last minute nerves and an ancient ceremony which brought together church, state, aristocracy and monarchy in a glorious panoply – the like of which will never be seen again.
Transmitted: 31st May 2012
This film footage is from the Archive Collection held by the Alexandra Palace Television Society.
~ APTS ~ Preserving the tele-visual past for the digital future


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