Ramblers member to get epic “Source to Sea River Thames Relay” underway to Cricklade.

Starting on Sunday 1 September a journey with a difference will be taking place. Taken from the source of the River Thames in the Gloucestershire countryside, a small bottle of Thames water will be passed down from person to person, boat to boat, travelling all the way through to central London and out to sea making this, the first River Thames Relay.
Walkers, swimmers, kayakers, rowers, sailors and many more river users will help the bottle on its journey over 200 miles down the world-famous river. The bottle will arrive at Tower Bridge on Sunday 15 September and spend the last night of its journey on Gloriana in St Katharine Docks before sailing out of London towards the sea in the Dunkirk Little Ship, MTB 102. At the end of its journey the bottle will join the collection in the Museum of Water and tour the UK in 2013/14 and worldwide in 2015.

Stuart_Dyer.01Stuart Dyer of the Cirencester Ramblers will be leading a walk from the start of the Thames, kicking off a source to sea relay along the iconic river which will take place over more than a fortnight.His walk from Kemble to Cricklade is 12 miles long and will begin at 10am on Sunday 1 September.
Starting from the Thames Head stone near Kemble which marks the official source of the river, Stuart’s walk will take the relay to Cricklade in Wiltshire where he will hand over to the Outdoor Swimming Society who will swim the second stage to Lechlade.CrickladeFTOT04
Stuart is the longest-serving member of the Cirencester Ramblers.
Full details of all the stages of the relay can be found at thamesfestival.org . http://thamesfestival.org/events/info/river-thames-relay#Day 1
See more at: http://www.ramblers.org.uk/england/what-we-do/news/2013/august/ramblers-member-to-get-epic-thames-river-relay-underway.aspx#sthash.7iLsqRBn.dpuf


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