What has a Cricklade Osteopath, Dentist and Optometrist in Common ?

Answer: – Together they have donated a Defibrillator to the Town of Cricklade. This should help save lives in Wiltshire.
Defribulator.Cricklade02Between them the trio (Jolyon Livingston (Cricklade Osteopathic Health Practice ), Dennis Pearce, (Cricklade Dental Practice) and Andrew Rhys Evans (Optometrist) have clocked up 90 years of service in Cricklade, now to say thank you to people there, they have paid to install a defibrillator.
It’s being kept outside  the dentists on the High Street and can be used to shock a heart back into life if someone collapses.
Jo Livingston said: ‘When someone collapses with a heart attack whether they survive or not depends on time. The quicker the heart can be shocked back into a normal rhythm the better the outcome.’
The defibrillator is situated on the wall of Cricklade Dental Practice on the High Street is designed to deliver an electric current through the chest, which shocks the heart back into a normal rhythm.
The machine itself then analyses the heart rhythm and will never give unnecessary shocks, meaning it can be safely used by people with no medical training.
Andrew Rhys Evans said: ‘To use the machine you first call 999 to alert the ambulance service who will give you an access code.
‘A series of voice commands and screen messages then guide you through the defibrillator process. It is very easy and safe to use.’
Dennis Pearce said: ‘This seemed like a very positive way of marking our years in the town and Cricklade Town Council has been very supportive of the idea.’Hopefully the defibrillator will never have to be used but where they have been installed they are used on average once every two years.’We’ve all had many happy years in Cricklade and hope this shows our appreciation.’

Full report at http://www.heart.co.uk/wiltshire/news/local/cricklade-defibrillator-donated-town/


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