DOG FOULING in Cricklade and Royal Wootton Bassett District – HAVE YOUR SAY

Wiltshire Council12

       Dog-foulingDOG FOULING – HAVE YOUR SAY

Do you think that dog fouling is a problem where you live?
Would you like to see something being done to help tackle the problem.
If so, please complete a short survey to have your say on the matter.
The Royal Wootton Bassett & Cricklade Area Board has listened to the concerns of local people and has made the issue of dog fouling one of its priorities for this year.
Your responses will be presented to the Area Board at its next meeting to be held in Cricklade on 27 November and will help the Area Board to decide what action should be taken.
The survey can be found on the Wiltshire Council Site. Click on the links to Area Boards –
Please pass this information on to your friends, family, neighbours or anyone else from the area who you think would also like to have their say on this matter.

The survey will close on Friday 1 November 2013


One response to “DOG FOULING in Cricklade and Royal Wootton Bassett District – HAVE YOUR SAY

  1. Have just completed the survey…it seems a particulalry nasty case of anti-social behaviour that affects parts of Cricklade (and Purton). Personally, a lot of the recommendations in the survey strike me as a bit wooly. Educating children as to the risks will take you so far, however, it is really a small minority of anti-social dog owners that are usually the offenders. Took a great photo in Calcutt street which I can’t seem to post but will tweet to you, which says it all.

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