North Wiltshire MP James Gray to open the refurbished PURTON Telephone Kiosk – Friday 17th. January at 12.15 pm

James Gray MPNorth Wiltshire MP James Gray will open the refurbished Purton  Telephone Kiosk this Friday 17th January at 12.15, which has been restored and revitalized through the cooperation of the Parish Council and local data communications company Lde Digitial Services ( ,

This listed K6 Telephone Kiosk is located just outside the Public Library. It was manufactured by the Lion Foundry Company Ltd of Kirkintilloch before 1952. This has been determined by the fact that it carries the purely symbolic Tudor Crown which was replaced in 1952 by a representation of St Edward’s Crown.
When first installed, the K6 Kiosk would have been connected to the old small telephone exchange located a few hundred yards away in Hyde Lane, now a private dwelling but with the words “Telephone Exchange” still visible.

Purton Telephone Kiosk delapidated 1aStructurally the Kiosk was sound but it was in a poor decorative order and had been vandalized with graffiti, broken windows, cracked cast iron mouldings and a smashed coin box.

Purton Telephone Kiosk renovated 1aThe Kiosk has been completely restored to its former glory with a fresh red paint job, new windows and a new floor, fit for its new role in the community.
As well as offering usual telephone service, the revitalized phone box will:

  • Provide passers by with high speed WiFi internet access
  • Send your mobile phone a message welcoming you to the village
  • Let you have a map of the village using a special information screen in the kiosk, as well as other information on the locality
  • Give the world a little window on to the centre of the village through a village webcam in the kiosk

Contact: James Gray MP 07831 552 5
Bev Wildeboer (Lde)        01666 800 800
Purton Parish Council  01793 771 066


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