Have you seen this Van in Cricklade / Swindon ? – Please support http://www.helplucawalk.com/


Read More HERE…….  http://www.helplucawalk.com/ 

When he was born, Luca Railton was diagnosed with Bilateral Tibial Hemimelia, which means he was born with no tibia and no knee in his right leg and his left leg only has a partial Tibia.
For the first year of Luca’s life, the doctors all said that amputation was inevitable, but then a German surgeon called Professor Weber was discovered who had been working on Luca’s rare problem, and he agreed to come to England to perform a pioneering 10 hour operation on Luca’s legs.
The surgery was hugely successful and for the next few years, Luca was able to walk on his own and as you can see from the photos above, play with the other kids.
Since then, Luca has been brave enough to endure over 60 hours of surgery from doctors in the UK who have worked tirelessly to rebuild his legs over and over as he has grown.
But now, at the age of 10, the doctors here have told us that they have done everything they can, and it is now time to start looking at amputation.

The lovely people at G5 Martial Arts have been working really hard and raising money for Luca all over Swindon – even putting Luca’s cause all over their van to drive around town and help spread the message.They are doing a raffle and they are heading to John O’Groats to raise money for Luca, so find out how you can help them by visiting their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/g5martialartsevents

Read More HERE…….  http://www.helplucawalk.com/

Obviously, Luca needs money to pay for his future operations – so any donations you can personally make would be greatly appreciated by Luca and his family. You can donate with PayPal by sending funds to teresarailton@hotmail.co.uk


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