The Cricklade Band News – January 2012



Yes, that’s right, the band was formed in 1887 by Daniel Nash who hailed from Tilshead in the centre of Salisbury Plain. Mr Nash (he would never have been addressed by his first name by the band) left his home village with, among others, Harry Mundy, to seek employment with the Great Western Railway in Swindon.
The band included woodwind then and began life at the Three Horseshoes in High Street. In 2012 the band may well be the longest continuously operating organisation in the town.
So that’s a bit of the past – now the band has a full list of events already lined up for 2012 – you can see where we are and what we’re doing either online at or at the Leisure Centre, or call in for a list on Monday or Thursday evenings at The Club at Cricklade.

The weather over the Christmas period was much kinder to us in 2011 for our traditional carol-playing in and around Cricklade. Thank you all for your kind donations to our collecting boxes, we have made the first instalment of a usual annual donation to the Prospect Foundation. Prospect have told us that 2012 will see a total of nearly £8,000 being donated by the band in the last ten years. It’s also a time-honoured tradition that some of the band’s annual running costs are also funded from our carol-playing tours.

Staying with Christmas, another capacity audience packed into our annual Christmas Show at the Leisure Centre. Again we installed seating, lighting, sound system, stage and stage set and turned the sports hall into a rather grand theatre for the evening (have a look at pictures on the website). Joining us for this show were a new, entertaining choir of almost 100 voices – BigSingThing – from Swindon.

Going on – our BandAcademy offers tuition to people of all ages to play brass instruments or percussion. Also included is some manageable music theory (not compulsory!) and certificated attainment of the three stages of learning – all in a friendly, welcoming environment and still at the unbelievable fee of just £1 a week.

Just turn up at The Club at Cricklade any Monday evening at 6.30 or have a look at the details on the website. Of course, if you’re already a proficient musician we welcome your interest too – our performance and play-list is geared towards entertaining dance music – a bit like a brass big band really (although we are looking for a bass guitar player too) – and not in the least staid or boring. We also have a varied list of social stuff so it’s not all work (and play), it’s sometimes just play too!

For those who aren’t interested in taking a musician’s role in the band, you could still play your part as a non-playing member of our envied ‘Crew’, that’s our uniformed support team.
You’re welcome to get involved with Cricklade’s own band – come and see us at the Club or contact us through the details on the website – you’ll wonder why you waited 125 years before joining us!



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