Cricklade Town Meeting April 30th. 2012

The Cricklade Town Meeting was held on April 30th at the United Church , Calcutt Street on Monday April 30th.2012.It was attended by the residents and registered electors of Cricklade together with many councillors to hear about the Achievements of the Town .Presentations were made by Cllr. David Tetlow, Chairman of Cricklade Town Council , Cllr Gina Chapman ( Vice -Chair) and Cllr. Terri Robertson, Community & Leisure (Chair). The Steering group of the Cricklade Town Plan gave a preliminary report and exhibited the results of their initial consultation in the adjoining hall. Everyone was encouraged to contribute to this endeavour.
 This year included
Part 1 – Review by Cllr D Tetlow, chairman of Cricklade Town Council.

Part 2 Review by Gina Chapman (Vice Chair) and Terri Robertson, Community & Leisure(Chair).

Part 3,- Review of the Steering committee of the Town Plan presented by Nick Carter.

2011 Cricklade Town Meeting can be seen HERE….




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